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Who We Are

MN Deaf Queers is a community-based group located in Minnesota that focuses on Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing LGBTQ+ people. Our allies are welcome and valued members of this community-based group.

Our group name, MN Deaf Queers, was voted on by the community.

Crowd cheering at Pride event


We use the term Deaf as an inclusive term to define all members, including Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf+.

Two women at Pride event giving "I Love You" ASL sign
Man giving DeafBlind woman tactile sign language


We use the term Queer as an umbrella term inclusive of all identities. All are welcomed, respected, and part of our community.

Diverse Deaf group at Pride Festival sitting behind a booth
Singer Deborah Cox and ASL performer dancing back-to-back

Deaf Pride Awards

The annual Deaf Pride Awards, MNDQ premier event, is an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate those who have given so much back!

Check out some of our past ceremonies!

Meet The MDQ Team!

James Paul Beldon.jpg

James Paul Beldon

Riss Leitzke

Eric Nooker

John. Wilson

IMG_3597 2.jpg

Lilly Steinbruckner

Deaf Queer Social, Legislation, Gala


Heath Focken

Deaf Queer Social

Man with short brown hair smiling

Waymon Hudson

MDQ Online Communications


Del Anderson

MDQ Event Volunteer 

Deaf Queer Social


DB Liaison

MDQ Rainbow Cookout



MADC Liaison

Gala and Awards

Woman in glasses smiling with arms crossed

Jessalyn Akerman-Frank

MDQ Organizer


Patrick Vella

MDQ DeafBlind Community Liaison

woman smiling while tipping her red hat

Cookie Brand

MDQ Rainbow Families Coordinator

MDQ Parade

woman with glasses and short hair smiling

Kathy Manlapas

MDQ Rainbow Families Coordinator

Man with beard wearing baseball cap smiling with camera in hand

Jack Williams

MDQ Photographer

MDQ Booth Chair


Pam Burry

MDQ  Black Deaf Liaison


Jer Loudenback

MDQ History and Archives, MDQ Booth Chair, MDQ Parade Chair, Gala 


Albert Walla

MDQ History and Archives 

Group at Pride parade standing under giant rainbow flag

Keep Up with the Latest News at the MDQ Blog!

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